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My Irish Heritage

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Many people have Irish blood in their veins, but some have to go back a few gererations to find it. For no particular reason except that it's interesting to me and perhaps to my genealogical friends, here's my bloodline to the Irish. Ellen Keenan (1854-1933), my maternal grandfather's mother was the daughter of David Keenan (1829-?). David was the son of Patrick Keenan (1784-1863), who was the son of Edward Keenan (1742 in Ireland-1826).

Edward and his wife, Nancy Donally settled in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia.) Patrick moved to Cabell County where he married Griselda ? .  Edward and Nancy are buried near the Rehoboth Church which has become a historic site.

On Edward's headstone, it says, “He built Reaboth Chappel and gave the lot of ground." Edward converted from Catholic to Methodist during the days when Francis Asbury was riding the western circuits. The story, somewhat dramatized, was told in a long-running pageant called “Honey in the Rock” in southern West Virginia.


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