This website is a work in progress. The initial idea was to have a place to promote my book, Touching the Ancient One–A True Story of Tragedy and Reunion, but it’s my hope it might eventually evolve into a site friendly to those who have survived a traumatic accident such as an airplane crash, or similar catastrophe where there has been loss of life—and where there are still unresolved emotional issues because of it. However, it would need to grow into that kind of site, and I welcome your suggestions about how that might be accomplished.
    In the meantime, I offer my book as a start—a seedling. I hope you’ll take a good look at it. It’s a story about six United States Air Force men who survived an Alaskan airplane crash, bonded in the hospital, then didn’t see one another again for forty-two years. To their reunion they invited the families of the ten men who died in the crash and two of the men instrumental in their rescue. That reunion led to the “C-47 Survivors Group” whose members are united by the long-ago tragedy. This group has planned and carried out other reunions, the erection of memorial plaques, the presentation of a metal to a hero, trips to the crash site, and the correction of historical data. And we’re still going strong.

    I’d like to think that our C-47 Survivors Group will be a model for the good that can be accomplished in bringing together people who need to resolve long-suppressed memories of bad times. I’m of the opinion that there are many such hurting souls out there. Of course, I'm open to the site spreading out in other directions as well. I have many interests—maybe some I don't even know about yet.

   After you read Touching the Ancient One–A True Story of Tragedy and Reunion, I’d like to know what you think.

Rupert Pratt